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Increase your sales, connect with your costumers, empower your suppliers.

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MotionCatcher  bundles the hardware, software and insight tools that every  business needs to understand their audience and drive revenues.
A plug&play  LCD screen (32",43",53"), multimedia PC with wi-fi and bluetooth, easy to transport.
Use it to Inform or advertise,  upload your content remotely, adapt them to your viewers behaviours and control the results in real-time.
In addition to increased sales, with Motion Catcher  you can also generate additional revenue directly through the sale of advertising spaces.



MotionCatcher is super simple to install and configure. Just plug the screen and scan the QR code with the app. Follow the instructions and you are ready in few minutes.



Upload images, videos, or personalise pre templates built and optimised for different shop categories. All you need is to customise your text,  images, videos with few clicks, using a powerful visual editor, save and publish to all your displays.



Schedule content to play when you want throughout the day, week or month. Create  different personalised experiences for each of your potential costumers
‍Simply add it to a playlist and assign it to a screen.



All that’s left to do is to  play your contents, check what effect have on your audience: number of views, attention time, emotions, conversions.
Adjust the contents in real time until you get the results you want!



Our software understand if someone is watching a display and show more informations only if they are attentive.
( video on the right)
With Motion Catcher you can:
- Create targeted omni-channel campaigns
- Measure KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)
- Create interactive, accessible and effective advertising
- Adjust the contents in real-time

Get extra revenue from selling advertising space to distributors

More Attention

Motion Catcher SMART ADV gather between 40% and 100% more attention than normal adv.

More Efficiency

Promotion based on location and demographics datas are up 56 times more effective than generic ones.

More Sales

40% costumers have visited an advertised store after seeing a personalised offer on a digital screen.

An all-in-one (hardware+software)  intelligent advertising system based on anonymous video analytics (AVA) and machine learning.



MotionCatcher is an intelligent advertising system allowing you to SAVE TIME ,SAVE MONEY and MAXIMIZE the ADVERTISING EFFECT



No Data storage

We don't collect any information that is uniquely associated to any individual. All video processing is performed locally in real time so that no image or video is recorded or transmitted anywhere.

No face recognition

We do not not use any form of facial recognition, the software as been created with "privacy by design" principles, we do not attempt to identify any person, "we just detect a face"

No tracking

We count and describe only the attentive audience which show interest in the displayed contents. We forget about that audience as soon as it has walked out of the field of view of the video sensor.

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